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Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real?

Ohne Titel

Ein worpswedischer Hund





Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real?, 2015, Two white T-Shirts, Two 3D printed clothes hanger, 3D printed head plug from the movie ‘Matrix’

During my Erasmus exchange semester at Wimbledon College of Art in London, I lived in New Malden, also known as Korean Town in Europe. I found this room on the Korean community website. The house was a typical English two-story house with 9 rooms. Several of the rooms had been recently subdivided by the landlord to increase profits. There were already 10 people living there. Everywhere in the house, notices were hung with various instructions about how all tenants should behave. There were also surveillance cameras in the kitchen, at the entrance, and in the hallway on the second floor. The landlord claimed that these were for the purpose of tenant's safety. Although I have seen many surveillance cameras in London, it was enough to give me a strange feeling.

On a drowsy Sunday afternoon, I played a Computer game called the "Saint Row 4". It works like this; the Earth is ruled by the extraterrestrials. The main character enters to the virtual world, so he can destroy their system of control and save the Earth. During the game, I spilled my coffee and stained the white T-shirt I was wearing, so I had to take shower again. Standing in the tub, I read the landlord's notices that were glued on the wall :
"Leave some hot water for me please"
"Save the hot water for the next tenants"
"bath prohibited"
"request consideration"
"laundry prohibited"
Suddenly those sentences seemed as the instructions in the game, like a pop up message. At that moment, something strange happened in my brain. Two different worlds, the "real" and the "virtual" merged into one. The distance between them was no longer there. In the end, the virtual world seemed to be more realistic than the real world.